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Attorney MARTHA CORDOBA practices exclusively Immigration Law.  She is dedicated to helping both immigrants in the and abroad. She enjoys meeting and working with people from all parts of the world, in all walks of life, no case is too small.

Ms. Cordoba is a tireless advocate for those who are seeking protection, who are fearful of being deported, and who want to keep their families intact.  She is also a knowledgeable counselor to those who want to lawfully live and work in the United States.  Ms. Cordoba as immigrant herself understands the difficulties of dealing with immigrant laws of the United States and the cultural differences encountered by recently arrived immigrants.

Ms. Cordoba has contributed to the efforts of the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights and other community organizations.  She also regularly acts as Pro Bono attorney at court proceedings.


Paralegal BYRON CORDOBA has over twenty five years of experience in the Immigration field and his contribution to this law firm is invaluable because of his dedication to the immigration needs of our clients. Mr. Cordoba is well-known by immigrant community, the CIS and Immigration Court Personnel.


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